Mark’s Daily Apple

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving – I know I did! I definitely consumed enough turkey and Woodchuck Hard Cider to tide me over until next Thanksgiving! Haha.

This week, I figured I’d keep my post short and merely direct all my followers to one of my favorite sources: Mark’s Daily Apple.

This is a blog run by Mark Sisson –  previously one of the nation’s best endurance athletes. His endurance endeavors, and adherence to the USDA food guidelines,  had an enormously negative impact on his health and, in turn, he changed his approach to health.

He has since adopted a more natural and healthy way of eating and exercising. He tends to favor a lower-carbohydrate approach, high in nutritionally-dense animal / fish products and vegetables, with a reasonable consumption level of naturally occurring fats. His workouts consist of fun, sports-like activities (slack-lining, paddle-boarding, etc), and occasional sprinting.

He recently turned 60 and is one of my primary sources for health-knowledge, as well as being an amazing motivator as an example of perfect health.  I’d recommend his blog for anyone that enjoys healthy recipes and learning some unbiased science behind fitness and nutrition. You may even recognize some similar themes between our two blogs!

Bookmark his blog…he posts at least once a day. I hope you all find it as valuable as I do!