5 Simple Nutrition Tips

This week, I’d like to take a break from the in-depth exploration of such misunderstood topics such as cholesterol or dietary fats. Also, I don’t want to become a target for pharmaceutical companies or dieticians that are waging a misguided “war on cholesterol”! Hahaha.

Instead, I’m going to list some interesting and simple steps you can take to improve the nutritional value of every meal.

  • When using garlic, crush it to maximize surface area, expose it to the air until it turns green, and add it to your food after the cooking process. The most beneficial compound in garlic, allinase, is damaged during cooking, minimizing some of its amazing health benefits.
  • Try not to drink excess water during meals. Water will dilute the stomachs natural digestive enzymes and cold water will lower stomach acidity, further interfering with proper digestion.
  • Start every day with a healthy serving of protein and fat. The protein will prime your neurotransmitters, releasing dopamine and serotonin, resulting in improved mood. The fat will keep you full, improving leptin signaling and stabilizing blood sugar, eliminating intense sugar cravings or energy crashes later in the day.
  • I’ve mentioned this one before but try to consume your olive oil in its raw, unheated form. Olive oil is predominately monounsaturated fats that can become oxidized. High quality olive oil will sacrifice its antioxidants to protect the fat molecules, but this will limit its benefits.
  • Use balsamic vinegar to season meat or dress vegetables. Vinegar will increase stomach acidity, thereby improving digestion. It will also mitigate blood sugar spikes and improve carbohydrate tolerance. Balsamic vinegar has many other health benefits but I’ll save those for another post.

Well, I think I’ll cap this post at 5 nutrition tips. I kind of like this idea (thanks to my follower that recommended it!) and I’ll continue this theme with other health topics as well.

Hopefully these simple steps can help you improve the quality of your meals without requiring extreme planning or expensive / exotic inputs!

I’ll be visiting my family (and trying to stay as health-conscious as possible) during Thanksgiving, so I’ll see you all again in two weeks. Have a good holiday!

2 thoughts on “5 Simple Nutrition Tips

  1. Thanks, Paul, for the tips. I knew about limiting water during meals. The garlic was news, but it makes sense to use garlic in an unheated state. Eating protein and fat to “break the fast” goes against my study of Natural Hygiene that recommends eating high water content foods like fruit in the morning or herbal teas until about noon. This is advised in order to allow the body to finish its cleansing process. That said, I have an open mind and will listen to other ideas and even change my own if it improves my understanding. The advise on olive oil and the illumination on balsamic vinegar is spot on.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. You’re welcome Nick. Excellent counter-point regarding the first meal of the day. An extended fast, consuming only calorie-free liquids or fruit at the most, would be optimal for longevity. However, most of us are so metabolically deranged and insulin resistant, that, the best first step is to repair our metabolism and leptin signalling. Protein fasting in particular can be extremely beneficial. These are all tactics I use but, they are the last few pieces to the equation (and come with a whole set of risks if applied haphazardly). If you experience an afternoon “slump”, the need for a nap, or decrease in energy levels before the sun starts to set in the evening, the top priority should be to retrain your body’s fueling system (ie break it’s addiction to short-lasting sugar boluses).

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